Subsidiaries and Products

We have a diversified portfolio of cutting-edge AI-powered subsidiaries and products across various domains including Healthcare, Biomedical Research, Agriculture and Education:


An Innovative Medical Health System Democratizing Quality Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence for Medical Diagnostics, Cloud Medical Records System for Hospitals, Health Ministries and Patients, and Health Big Data Analytics.

minoHealth was listed in AppsAfrica’s ‘5 African innovations disrupting traditional sectors’.

minoHealth AI Labs

minoHealth's AI Research division that focuses on researching how to use Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to save and improve lives by applying them to fields like Biotechnology, Neuroscience, Optometry, Epidemiology, Dietetics/Nutrition and Oncology.

It's Research projects have been featured in Scientific books including, Advances in Information and Communication and Scientific journals including Journal of Industry - University Collaboration.

karaAgro AI

An an Android app that utilises the power of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics for easy and early detection of plant diseases. It diagnoses plants with just photos of their leaves.

The app currently has Artificial Intelligence systems for detecting diseases in; Tomato, Maize, Bell (Sweet) Pepper, Potato, Grapes, Peach, Strawberry, Apple and Cherry.

Runmila AI Institute

An institute training Ghanaians and Africans with practical skills in Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning & Machine Learning) and Data Science


Our organisation where we are broadly exploring and developing Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and other Exponential Technologies applied to general fields including Energy, Telecommunications, Art, Education and Language.

We are also developing custom solutions for other businesses and organisations.


GUDRA was founded in 2016 with the objective of Solving Africa and Humanity's Grand Challenges Using Exponential Technologies. These Technologies we are using include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain, Biotechnology, Robotics, Drone Technology, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality and Internet of Things. And the main domains we are targeting include Healthcare, Agriculture, Energy, Education and Water & Sanitation.


Our vision is to spearhead the transformation of the World, especially Africa into the 4th Industrial Revolution Age, where the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been achieved by 2030.

Universally democratise Quality Healthcare, especially in Africa.

Achieve Quality and Sustainable Food Security.

Ensure availabilty and affordability of Power in regions like Africa, through adoption of Renewable and Sustainable Energy.

Ensure every child has access to the best Education possible that gives them the power to further shape and improve the World.

Water & Sanition
Ensure universal access to Clean Water, Quality and Hygeine in Africa and the World.

Our Founder

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is the Founder and Director of Artificial Intelligence at GUDRA, and its subsidiaries; minoHealth, minoHealth AI Labs, karaAgro AI, Runmila AI Institute and Gudra AI Studio. He's also an Advisory Board Member and Ambassador to West Africa at AI Expo Africa, the largest business focused AI community in Africa, with its Head Quarters in South Africa.
He's a member of United Nations ITU and World Health Organization's Focus Group on 'Artificial Intelligence for Health' (AI4H), and a member of MIT Tech Review Global Panel. And he's a member of World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Ho Hub.

Darlington Ahiale Akogo is also an Artificial Intelligence advocate, communicator and mentor. He believes Artificial Intelligence can solve a lot of problems plaguing Africa and being proactive is necessary in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and the 4th Industrial Revolution. So Darlington advocates, teaches and communicates Artificial Intelligence through seminars, lectures, interviews, writings and mentorships. He was a research presenter at NeurIPS 2018, the largest Conference on Artificial Intelligence in the World. And he was one of the speakers at the ​AI Expo Africa 2018 in Cape Town, South Africa and Next Einstein Forum’s ​Africa Science Week​. He was also a participant in Massachusett Institute of Technology (MIT)'s Global Community ​BioSummit 2018. His research paper ‘ScaffoldNet: Detecting and Classifying Biomedical Polymer-Based Scaffolds via a Convolutional Neural Network’ has been accepted by the ​Future of Information and Communications Conference​, which is sponsored by IEEE and featured in the book, ‘​​Advances in Information and Communication​’. Alongside great minds including Yoshua Bengio, who's celebrated as one of the Fathers of Deep Learning, Darlington is featured in and wrote for the book, "​Artificial Intelligence Simplified​: 99 Use Cases And Expert Thoughts For Starters" which was put together by Data Science Nigeria. He also writes reports and essays for ​Synapse Magazine - ‘The Voice of African Artificial Intelligence & Data Science’ by AI Media.


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